Mentoring our youth is one of the most important and significant business initiatives of our organization.

While it positively impacts the lives of our players and families, it also provides a valuable series of benefits to the community at large.

Since 2008, Radiant Community Athletic Productions has provided academic and community service focused athletics as the foundation to enhance and impact the experiences and careers of our young student athletes.

A large number of our players whom we have coached and mentored are now in college, many of them playing NCAA athletics at the division 1, 2, and 3 levels, and virtually all of them are continuing to excel academically; even the ones not currently playing a sport.  However, most of all, they are all good, positive and productive citizens.

It is incumbent upon us as their parents, coaches, and mentors, to continue our support of their success, and foster the same attributes as they develop their scholastic and business careers. This will encourage them to share and give back to others in various communities throughout their lives.

Over the years, we have developed and implemented a series of projects, programs, seminars, products and services that meet these objectives. We trust you will to see the value in our work and welcome your ongoing support.


Please contact us to set up any programs.